Chamana is a craft beer company based in Sarandi del Yi, Uruguay. "Chamana" means tribe whitch, graceing the memories of Charruas tribes who used to inhabit those lands. Inspired by nature and all the mystique that this involves, Chamana brings a first class craft beer. No preservatives, no chemicals and no cheap substitutes are used.

  • Branding Design
  • Logo Design
  • Product Design
Brand Identity Design.

To create Chamana's visual identity, I incorporated elements that represent all of the mystique that the brand promotes. I took inspiration from an illustration made by an local artist, which I re-drew and vectorized to fit the logotype. In addition to the logo telling a story, a strong, bold sans-serif font was chosen for the name, where the ears of barley are matching with the letters AMA, which means 'love it' in spanish, to keep balance in the composition.

  • ClientChamana Brew and Company
  • IndustryDrinks / Beers
  • ServicesBrand design, label design
  • TechnologiesAdobe Illustrator
  • DateSeptember 20, 2019.
Different Logo applications.

Associated colors were used on the labels for the different types of beers, dark green for Session IPA, dark yellow for Blonde and dark red for Irish Red Ale. The font for describing each type of beer is handwritten, to recreate the sensation of artesanal beers and contrast with the hard font in the logo or the simple font in the rest of the text.