Green Mode

Android Mobile Application - Final Project Level 8 Postgraduate Higher Diploma in Science in Computing

Green Mode is an mobile application that scores the users by asking randomly question about their behaviours
Each question has multiple option answers, and each answer has a score that will positioned the user in: Green, yellow or Red mode.

  • Mobile Development
  • Software Development
  • Algorithms
  • Databases
  • Databases
  • UX and UI Design
It's not neccesary everyone behaving 100% ecofriendly, to make a positive global impact we just need that each individual changes at least one of their bad habits

The app will contain three main sections:

  • The survey section.
  • A map with all the recyclable centres in the current city.
  • A News sections about events related with the environment and climate change.

Design Development Process

The design of the wireframe was made following user experience principles to distribute the elements on the screen, adapting this design to the Navigation Drawer Tempalate of Android Studio. The app has a minimalist design with simple plain lines, avoiding shadows and gradients.

Wireframes for each Activity, made with Adobe Illustrator.

Logic Design, flowchart of the Application

Video from Android Studio Simulator