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  • Ecommerce
  • Netsuite Oracle Development
  • Netsuite Platform, SuiteScripts, Netsuite Bundles.
Netsuite Ecommerce Development.

This is a project for SuiteDB where I worked alongside a sizeable team of expert developers specializing with Netsuite Platform. The challange faced here was to implement some bundles of Netsuite SCA technology into Site Builder technology. I was in charge of the visual frontend Development, Html5, CSS3, javascript galleries, boostrap framework, netsuite contact forms, instagram frameworks, etc. The site is 100% responsive, following a clear and minimalist design.

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  • ClientSuite DB - LightForm
  • IndustryLighting Design Shop
  • ServicesWeb Development
Customized Implementation on Netsuite Oracle, Ecommerce Platform.

Web Development Implementation based on the client's UI Design, frameworks such as boostraps were used in some parts of the coding but it was also necessary to develop media queries and scripts from scrach to fit the design requirements.

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