Maia is beauty and healthcare studio based in Uruguay. The studio started in 2020 and they wanted to make focus on beauty care for independent, modern and strong women. The challange was to create as well as a name of the beauty studio that would reflect its particular nature and mood, following female shapes and colors. It was required to create the brand strategy, the corporate design and all touchpoints.

  • Branding Design
  • Graphic Design
  • eNewsletter
Concept of armony and beauty care for strong women

Pink and turquoise pantone and the gradients in between was chosen for define the strong female concept, also an elegant and thin font was used to apply in the slogan and the rest of the general text.

Logo development process

The logo was created from a natural and original handwritting, vectorized then and added the top flower to complete the logotype concept. The logotype itself transmits the concept of female beauty and healthcare. It works in its originals color turquoise and purple on white background or in white for images or color background purposes.

  • ClientMaia Beauty Studio
  • IndustryBeauty and healthcare
  • ServicesBranding design.
  • TechnologyAdobe Illustrator
Beautiful and easy to understand UI, professional animations and drag & drop

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